studios.gallery is an exhibition space located in the Studios Inc facility, which hosts the collection of work that has been donated to Studios Inc by our residents. Each year artists involved in our Residency Program contribute one piece to the collection. Because of the growing body of diverse work from Kansas City’s most prominent artists, Studios Inc has created the studios.gallery program to engage not just local arts communities, but Kansas City as a whole.

By having access to such a large, and varied collection of work, Studios Inc has been able to create an arts-centric program that offers educational opportunities for casual arts enthusiasts, and a one-stop shop for Kansas City’s greatest artists.studios.gallery has given us the opportunity to not only increase traffic to our physical location through exhibition (raising awareness about our program itself), but also prompt important, locally based discussions about the mid-career artist. Additionally, by making the collection of
work available for purchase (individual pieces, or professionally curated, complete collections), Studios Inc is able to earn revenue to aid in the sustainability of our overall organization, as well as our other community-based programs.

Because of our commitment to mid-career artists, it’s IMPERATIVE to our mission that all of the proceeds generated through the studios.gallery program are placed directly back into our six programs. As such, all of the work that is purchased in our public gallery space is priced at a fair market value (and will stay that way). Above all else, we respect our residents, and work hard to ensure that their work is never devalued, and garners the acclaim that is deserves.

We know that when art succeeds, we succeed. It is not our intention to compete with other galleries and we will always welcome collaborations with other gallerists. We know that through our commitment to the mid-career artist, not only will the collective body of local art flourish, but so will the communities that surround it.

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