Mortimer, Dylan

Dylan Mortimer’s work explores how ideas are sold. He navigates concepts of marketing, soliciting and evangelism… ideas about selling an idea. The views we hold closest to our hearts- politically, socially, spiritually- the things we feel are too valuable to be kept to ourselves, motivate us to go about the work of convincing others of our view/perspective/belief. Visually, his work employs methods of communication through signage, advertising, slogans, etc. His struggle deals with his upbringing in evangelical Christianity, and the navigation of his own beliefs in the context of growing up with a respiratory disease. His faith was helpful in his struggle in many ways. The rest of Mortimer’s life has been navigating how that relates to anyone outside himself. We all have convictions that have helped us privately. Mortimer’s interest is in how those private convictions function outside the self. He’s interested in the messy, yet necessary process of how personal beliefs/opinions/convictions collide in the public.

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